How to Hack Messenger and Spy on Conversations 2021

There are different ways on how to hack Messenger to monitor what your children talk online especially with which people they hang out with, or if you suspect your partner. For any of the cases, it is always good to have an informative point of view that provides you with the necessary tools for these purposes like this article.

When we talk about Messenger we are referring to an instant messaging application that has gained quite a lot of popularity in recent times. This is because it has multiple functions that make it a versatile option when communicating with any of your acquaintances. In this article you will learn the most used ways to spy on a person’s conversations in this app.

Steps to hack Messenger

Being a service associated with Facebook, there are different ways to approach the hacking of this application. One of the easiest would be by means of our computer through a well-known website like the one we can access by clicking the button below. The mentioned site is responsible for infiltrating a profile of this social network, so it will allow us to also access the Messenger part..

Pay attention to the steps you must follow one of the ways how to hack Messenger using Facebook through. In addition, from another point of view you will get a two for one by also acquiring the login data of your account.

Click on the button below to start hacking


  • Look for the Facebook profile of the person from whom you want to obtain the data and copy the address of the link.
  • We go to the previously mentioned website and insert the link in the box indicated. Subsequently we press the hack button that is right next to it.
  • We must wait a few seconds while the website analyzes the information provided and performs the hacking process.
  • Once this procedure is finished we will get a file that we must download in text format.

Having these data in hand we only need to use them to access from the Messenger application from our smart device. Let’s keep in mind that this is an instant messaging service associated with Facebook so the access information is the same.

Alternative methods for how to hack Messenger 2021

Although hacking this application can result in a difficult task because it has the same security protocols as Facebook, it is not something impossible. Nowadays we have at hand different cyber resources such as software or applications that allow the development of this task.

In this article we will show you the ones that are most commonly used in the process of hacking a Messenger account. Each of these applications is based on spying on conversations, being a quite practical and accessible method.

Using CocoSpy

As a first option we have CocoSpy as one of the ways that are used to spy on conversations that occur within Messenger. It has been around for quite some time in the cyber world, where its main users are parents monitoring their children’s activity. Likewise, it is also used in work environments by bosses who want to maintain some control over the Internet used at work.

However, it is an application that also lends itself to hacking activities due to the functionalities it offers to users. One of its advantages is that it passes completely invisible to the target person so it is unlikely that he/she will realize that he/she is being spied on.

One of the pluses it offers is that it is not necessary to root the device in case of Android, or to Jailbreak for iOS users. This means that it has a fairly simple installation process in which you will only need to access the other person’s phone to incorporate it.

Thus, in this way, you will be able to access a large amount of information within which are included the monitoring of a person’s conversations. All this with the advantage that it can be done remotely, without interrupting the daily activity of the target with his smart device.

Using Fonemonitor

One of the most practical ways of how to hack Messenger is by means of Fonemonitor which has a similar operation to the previously mentioned application. Among its functions it allows viewing data remotely and even in real time for a better experience.

However, among its disadvantages compared to other types of applications used for spying is that it requires root to be activated. This can make the installation process on the target device more difficult and complicated, running a greater risk of being caught in the attempt.

It should be noted that it is an application that is more intended for Android devices, which is where most of its users are concentrated. In terms of the functioning it offers and its features it is considered to be a fairly complete software with optimal performance. This means that it is capable of displaying the most important information for users who purchase the services of this App.

How to protect yourself against hacking

Knowing the most popular ways of how to hack Messenger, it is also important to know how to prevent these situations. Beyond any privacy measures on the part of the application, we must start from a responsible and careful use when dealing with the Internet.

This is because we are constantly exposed to cyber attacks that sometimes we do not even know about because of how unnoticed they can go unnoticed. For this reason, follow these tips to protect yourself against hacking.

  • Under no circumstances should personal information be shared within Messenger conversations.
  • It is advisable to avoid as much as possible the use of public networks if you are going to consult or log in to any of your social network accounts.
  • In the case of unknown emails or messages containing links, it is best to delete them and do not click on them.
  • Acquire antivirus software on any of the devices where you use this application, to protect yourself from the ways of how to hack Messenger.

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