how to hack instagram account without applications (Online)

Throughout the vast world of the Internet you can find different ways on how to hack Instagram without dying in the attempt. Beyond being an illegal activity, the content of this article is completely informative and does not seek to promote these situations. It is for this reason that we will also explain how we can protect ourselves against digital information theft.

However, there are many reasons (besides information theft) for which a person may resort to this type of activities. In this sense, people manage multiple social networks, accounts, among others, and in some cases they may forget their passwords. Therefore, it can be said that ultimately one may resort to hacking oneself to recover our information.

Steps to hack Instagram for free

One of the main ways to hack a person’s Instagram is by having their phone in possession and accessing their account unnoticed. Although it is efficient, our target should not realize at some point that we are using their device for these purposes. Here are the steps we need to follow:

Click on the button below to start hacking


  • In this case we resort to the button that says “I forgot login details” which serves us to create a new password.
  • When we have in possession the target’s phone we can access the code that will be sent either by text message or by mail.
  • Copy the code and paste it in the corresponding section which will open a new window.
  • Now we only have to enter a new password and return the phone as if nothing had happened.

As we mentioned previously, to use this method it is necessary to do it from the device of the person we want to hack. Otherwise, we must review other strategies which will also be described below.

Alternative methods for how to hack Instagram from your cell phone

Thanks to today’s technology we can come across various ways to hack an Instagram where some may be more efficient than others. If you are worried about how difficult this procedure may be, don’t worry, you don’t need to know more than the basics.

This is because most of the methods used to hack social media accounts use specialized software for these tasks. In other words, an application will take care of all the dirty work so that you just log into the desired account and nothing else.

However, in order for this software to start working, a minimal interaction on the part of the hacker is necessary for it to work properly. That is, it is necessary to establish the connection or nexus that allows the hacking application to infiltrate into the victim’s device.

So, if you are looking for an alternative for how to hack Instagram without the need to use the target’s phone, this is your article.

Using mSpy

One of the options that have emerged in recent times for hacking social networks and monitoring any device is mSpy. It is one of the best spyware apps on the market and can be downloaded for both iOs and Android. This is because it also allows you to observe other types of activity inside the target’s phone, such as viewing your messages or your photo gallery.

To mention it as a disadvantage, in order to enjoy all the benefits of mSpy, including hacking an Instagram account, a subscription is required. Such payment ranges between 15 and 20 euros per year, being a negligible cost for all the advantages it offers to users.

To better understand how this software works in hacking social networks, in this case Instagram, we explain it step by step.

  • We must enter the official website to be able to register and thus be able to select a plan that suits our needs.
  • Once the subscription is cancelled, the next step will be to get access to the target device to install this application.
  • When we get this access, we must go again to the official page to download the application from this site and be able to install it.
  • Within the settings of this application, we must select one of the most important which would be the stealth mode. In this way the target person will not recognize the spyware easily.
  • Now all that’s left is to monitor the activities the person does on their Instagram and try to find out their password.

Using Spyzie

One of the most used and popularized ways of how to hack Instagram also for other social networks is the use of Spyzie software. It is an application that has a similar operation to mSpy, where we must have access to the target device in order to install it.

It is available for both iOS devices and Android terminals, so anyone can access its functions.

Once this software has been installed on the target device, its features allow it to remain hidden from anyone’s view. Once this step is completed we will be able to access all interactions made by the person, including social networks, messages and calls.

Just like mSpy, this software is one of the ways how to hack Instagram that are used by means of a paid subscription. Said cost ranges from 7 to 15 euros per month, depending on the plans they choose that differ in their benefits.

How to protect yourself against hacking

After knowing each of the methods commonly used for hacking Instagram and social networks, we also must inform ourselves in prevention. This is because today in the face of so many technological resources we are exposed to people who easily see a window to steal our digital information.

For this reason, follow these tips to avoid as much as possible a leak of your information or the loss of your social accounts:

  • Do not lend your device to just anyone, and if you do, monitor what they are going to do with it.
  • Comply with the security and privacy requirements of each of the social networks you use.
  • To avoid the ways of how to hack Instagram, inform yourself on how each of the mentioned applications work.


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