How To Hack Facebook Account 2021

We have all at some point wondered how to hack Facebook for different reasons, being one of the main searches on the Internet. It is important to clarify that the development of this article has a merely informative intention, with no motive to incite the practice of this illegal activity.

On the other hand, the techniques and methods that will be explained here are not 100% effective, due to the fact that Facebook’s security systems are constantly being updated. However, it is still possible to be able to access information from someone else’s account, either to recover a personal one that we do not remember the data.

Steps to hack Facebook, explained one by one

The simple task of hacking is an activity that takes time and patience, which means that it is not a matter of seconds. However, there are methods and procedures that can be followed to make this task much simpler to perform.

Click on the button below to start hacking


This is why you must follow to the letter each of these steps to understand how to hack Facebook and achieve it the first time.

  • The first step is to enter Facebook and search for the profile of the person we want to hack.
  • The next would be to copy the address indicated in the search bar of your default browser (
  • Then click on the button at the top of the page. , and the press hacking now.
  • Wait a short period of time while the page performs the analysis of the profile you entered.
  • Once finished, the platform displays the password that we must download in a text format.
  • As a final step, we use this password to change the password of the target user as soon as possible.

Alternative methods on how to hack Facebook

Nowadays in the vast cyber world there are different tools that make it possible for us to perform different activities. In this case, for hacking information from a Facebook account we can find a couple of quite interesting methods.

Below we will describe these couple of tools and how to use them to get the most out of them in the process of Facebook hacking.

Using Keylogger

For any hacker starting out in this world, it is imperative that they know about this technique or tool for stealing digital information. That is to say, it is a basic method within the hacking activities that can never be missing within the repertoire of these users.

In essence, Keylogger is a software that is responsible for spying and recording the information of the target or victim by what they write on their devices. In other words, each of the words you type either on your phone, tablet or laptop, this application will record it in its database.

So, when you go to enter any of your social networks, in this case, Facebook, Keylogger will record the data you enter to enter. Depending on the quality of the software installed, there are versions that allow you to observe the data in real time, and in some cases, take screenshots.

Due to its characteristics, it is a very popular tool among digital information thieves because of the possibilities it offers in data theft. For example, this software can even be able to record credentials used to log into an online bank.

By understanding how this tool works, it is possible that you may even have been a victim of a hack and never realized it. The most used way to implant a Keylogger is through phishing emails where an attachment containing the malware is inserted. Therefore, when we click on this item we are giving entry to the software to our device and that is installed without us noticing its presence.

Using Sniffer

In this case, one of the ways to hack Facebook is using a Sniffer, which is a software that uses a network connection as input. Its operation is based on capturing and interpreting every piece of data coming in and out of an Internet networking system.

This method is commonly used by network operators to monitor the traffic that exists on an Internet network for purely business purposes. On the other hand, it is another tool for hackers in information theft tasks due to the great possibilities it offers.

However, one of the limitations of this tool is that the hacker needs to have access to the Internet network you use. Therefore, it is recommended that people avoid using public networks or sharing personal networks as much as possible.

The use of a sniffer is one of the ways how to hack Facebook that hackers use the most nowadays. Its operation is based on configuring the network card of any device that is connected to a network system. Thus, in this way, all traffic going to other computers is ignored, entering a “promiscuous phase”.

How to protect yourself against hacking

Just as you know the most used tools on how to hack Facebook, it is also important to be informed on how to avoid it. In this sense, due to the excess of elements with which we interact daily in the Internet world, in many occasions we do not know about the risks.

For this reason we will give you some tips that you should follow to the letter to avoid as much as possible the possibility of a hacking. Likewise, they are prevention strategies that can be used both to protect our social networks as well as our privacy or even banking data.

  • Avoid checking the status of your accounts by using public Internet networks at all
  • In the case of Facebook, verify that the address of the link is
  • When using your mail, take a second look at the origin of the e-mails, and in the case of suspicion, do not open them.
  • To avoid the ways of how to hack Facebook, you can access the settings in the security section to check the privacy of the account.
  • Install and use a verified antivirus that is capable of identifying malware on your device.

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