Learn how to hack social networks 2021

Hackeator.org the new online platform, has been created to teach all users of the network to how easy it is to bypass the security system of a social network and thus learn to hack social networks without having computer skills.

Social networks you can hack

In this list you can find the most popular social networks on the internet, click on the name of the social network or on its picture to find more information.

How could they hack any social network?

Hacking an account of some community is not a complicated procedure and there are different techniques:

  • Through a fake link:

Pertence to the most popular procedures, also popular as Phishing. It lies in sending a link to the victim making him believe that we are talking about the official website and when he logs in from that link the attackers will be able to enter his personal data such as passwords and credentials to steal them.

  • Use of insecure passwords:

It is a very used way by probable intruders to enter profiles in communities, due to the use of weak passwords. For this reason, it is important not to use names, surnames or numbers that identify us with simplicity.

Using a password that is easy to remember can put at risk the systems and accounts that the user has, the best way to combat this is by means of strong passwords that are difficult to know.

One of the most efficient techniques to create a strong password is by using a mixture of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and other letters and numbers.

  • Insecure Wi-Fi networks

Connecting a gadget to an unprotected public network can suspect a serious drawback. A community has the potential to be hacked from a Wi-Fi network and from an unencrypted login. Some cybercriminal could catalog personal information from that network.

    • Use of unofficial apps


Fake apps are booming in the previous years and it is a very efficient way to be able to take down profiles in communities.

How to secure our social networks


Enable two-factor authentication

In this day and age there are many interfaces and services that have two-factor authentication. It is essential to activate it whenever we have the opportunity. This way, if someone for some cause manages to get our login key, he would still need a second step to log in.

Always download from official sites

This is something we commented before about fake apps. Our advice is to always download from official pages and sites. This way we are sure that we are not installing software that may have been modified maliciously.

Security software

By means of having security programs and utilities we have the possibility of carrying out against probable threats that compromise our communities. A sample case is the Trojans that work to remove information. Also the